Photo of the Day: From Child Migrant Farm Worker to Artist, Federico Correa

Painting Images from His Childhood I received an email from Federico Correa on May 2, 2014 telling me that he had found this photo of himself while searching the internet about farm labor. Federico Correa’s journey from child migrant farm … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: UFW March to Sacramento 1966

La Plaza de Cultura y Artes to Exhibit Harvey Richards Photos La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles, California, is putting together an exhibit about the life and work of Dolores Huerta.  As part of this show, the … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Logging and Climate Change

A New Kind of Train Wreck Ever greater numbers of people are waking up to the impact of  climate change on our lives as trains full of oil crash and burn in Alabama and Canada, as polar vortex cold spells and … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Fighting the NSA

The NSA Must Go! February 11 is a day to fight back against the NSA.  (See In support of that day of protest, we offer the photo by Harvey Richards in 1962 in Los Angeles during a protest against … Continue reading

Deep Pit Mining: Violating Life on Earth

Abandoned and Deadly: Deep Pit Mining Harvey Richards photographed Butte, Montana’s deep pit mining during his three visits to Butte, Montana, first to photograph the miner’s strike of 1959, then again in 1966 and 1973. The huge gaping hole known … Continue reading

Butte Montana 1959 Miners Strike

Against the Anaconda Copper Company Harvey Richards filmed the Butte Montana 1959 Miners Strike in support of the miners on strike against Anaconda Copper Company.  He produced a film called Perch of the Devil to publicize the strike and the … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Harvey Richards Clips Top 200,000 Views on You Tube

Harvey Richards’ “Ordinary Life in the Soviet Union 1961” Leads the Way Beginning in the Spring of 2011, viewers of the Paul Richards You Tube channel, where the clips from 22 Harvey Richards films are available, have now reached 200,000 … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Harvey Richards Out in the Desert

Harvey Richards’ Chevy van Harvey Richards photographed northern California and Oregon from his van.  With the photograhy platform on top, his equipment and personal gear in back, he traveled alone through the back roads of the west. Sometimes, he camped … Continue reading

Guatemala 1959

Irrigating by Hand In 1959, Harvey Richards spent some time in Guatemala photographing people and places, including these photos of three men irrigating a vegetable garden by hand. Today, in the age of industrial farming and mechanization, these images remind us … Continue reading

Wood Chips Devour the Forest

Global Warming: A Product of Market Forces   Harvey Richards made several forays into the northwest forests with his cameras in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, focusing on, among other things, the immense piles of wood chips looming up … Continue reading