Requiem for the Forest Giants HD

High Definition Historic Footage Giant Redwoods in a Lumber Yard Cold Deck, 1960, Humboldt County, California. Screen shot from Requiem for the Forest Giants, a short video excerpted from “Wasted Woods” 1964 by Harvey Richards. Requiem for the Forest Giants … Continue reading

California Flood of 1964/65

Paying the Price for Clear Cut Logging After years of mechanized, systematic clear cutting of the forests of northern California by large logging corporations, the California flood of 1964 washed logging debris into the rivers and through coastal towns with … Continue reading

The Stump Makers

1963, 22 min., color, DVD The Stump Makers: “Cutting the Lungs Out of the Planet” Judy Bari In The Stump Makers,¬†Harvey Richards¬†presents footage of wasteful forest practices and ecological devastation caused by major logging companies’ clear cutting operations in California … Continue reading