"Stories on the Road to Freedom" will use Harvey Richards footage

New Animal Productions of Brooklyn, NY,  is putting together a film on the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s called “Stories on the Road to Freedom” that will be shown on the History Channel and will include footage from the Harvey Richards Media Archive. The footage will be drawn from two films that Harvey Richards made in Mississippi in 1963 (We’ll Never Turn Back) and 1964 (Dream Deferred) with the help and cooperation of Amzie Moore.  These films were used as fund raisers and organizing films by the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee during the voter registration drives that helped bring legal segregation to an end in the US.  In addition, this film will use footage drawn from the film outs that New Animal Productions helped the Media Archive convert into digital form for the first time ever.  Thanks go out to them for helping advance the Media Archive and bring more of the works of Harvey Richards into to future.


"Stories on the Road to Freedom" will use Harvey Richards footage — 2 Comments

  1. It is still in production. It is being prepared for the History Channel. You would have to contact the History Channel or New Animal Productions for any further information.

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