Soviet Union Images

Soviet Union Images of Moscow, Sochi, Irkutsk and Tashkent, 1961

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Soviet Union Images Galleries exhibit photos that Harvey Richards took during the making of his and his wife, Alice Richards’ films about women and children in the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1961: A Visit to the Soviet Union, Part 1: Women of Russia (27 min.), and Part 2: Far From Moscow (20 min.).  I accompanied them, at age 17, to help carry the batteries and heavy equipment. Along the way, Harvey Richards captured still images of ordinary life in the Soviet Union which are presented in the galleries below. These photos, now, over 50 years later, and 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, show a slice of ordinary life in a socialist country, focused mainly on the lives of women and children.

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Sochi Resort for the People, 1961

Sochi Resort for the People Short Video with Music Sochi Resort for the People from Paul Richards on Vimeo. In 1961, I traveled with my father, Harvey Richards, and step mother, Alice, to the Soviet Union to help them make … Continue reading

Vacation Resort for the People, Sochi, USSR, 1961

Vacation Resort for the People, Sochi 1961

Vacation Resort for the People, Sochi Photo Gallery Visiting a vacation resort for the people, Sochi (the site of 2014 Winter Olympics) on the Black Sea in Russia in the summer of 1961 at age 17, I encountered a town … Continue reading

Women and Children in Irkutsk, Siberia , 1961

A slice of life on a clear summer’s day We visited Siberia where we photographed women and children in Irkutsk, Siberia in the city and on farms and, at nearby Lake Baikal, a ferry boat ride. These photos were taken … Continue reading

Women in Tashkent, 1961 Uzbekistan

Women and Children in Tashkent, 1961

Women in Tashkent, 1961 Photo Gallery Harvey and Alice Richards photographed women and children in Tashkent, 1961 Uzbekistan. They took their camera equipment to the Soviet Union to make A Visit to the Soviet Union, about Soviet women and children. They … Continue reading

Soviet Women and Children in Moscow, USSR, 1961

Photo Images Taken During the Filming of A Visit to the Soviet Union, 1961   In 1961, Harvey and Alice Richards took their camera equipment and Harvey’s son, Paul Richards, to the Soviet Union to make a film about Soviet women … Continue reading