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Photographing the Peace Movement, 1958-1972

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Peace and HUAC, 1960-63

1962, Los Angeles. Harvey Richards’ station wagon with camera platform at work during an anti-HUAC demonstration.

Harvey Richards photography began to help overcome the isolation imposed on the United States’ peace movement by mainstream press censorship and bias in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The images below take you to image galleries of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s peace demonstrations that he witnessed. His photo images of the peace movement are displayed in 14 galleries that can be found on the photo images menu choice or by clicking on the images below.

Breaking the Silence of the 1950’s


From Moral Witness to Massive Marches


Draft Cards Burn, Soldiers and Veterans Join the Protests


Protests against war got little or no press coverage from the established media.  Harvey Richards started out with still photography and then began making motion pictures.  By the end of the 1960s he produced five films and shot thousands of images of peace demonstrations against war in the Bay Area.   These films are Everyman, Women for PeaceHot Damn!, Decision in the Streets, and No Greater Cause.

He photographed the protests against nuclear testing and for nuclear disarmament in 1958.  He went to Nevada when Women for Peace picketed the Nuclear Test Site there.  He documented the Everyman, a boat built to sail into the nuclear testing zones in the Pacific.  He filmed the Hands Off Cuba demonstrations, the anti-HUAC demonstrations and the early anti-Vietnam war protests by groups such as the Committee for Non-Violent Action (CNVA).  When the war escalated, the peace marches swelled in size.  Richards photographed anti-napalm demonstrations, the Vietnam Day Committee march from Berkeley to Oakland in 1965, the Spring, 1967 Peace Mobilization, and the ever larger marches in San Francisco in the years that followed.  He took special care to document the increasing role of active duty soldiers and Vietnam veterans protesting the war.  His images show the powerful upsurge against the war that helped end the Vietnam war early.  It is a powerful legacy for peace-minded people still confronting the forces of endless war now in power in the USA.

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Committee for Non-Violent Action (CNVA): Resist War

 Non-Violent Confrontation at Oakland Army Base In June, 1965, the Committee for Non-Violent Action (CNVA) picketed and sat in at the Oakland Army Base where soldiers were being deployed to Vietnam.  They requested that they be allowed to visit the … Continue reading

Berkeley Women Protest War, 1966

“The government often saw…women as the most dangerous members of the opposition movement” On February 23, 1966, Berkeley women protest war with a march to the Oakland Induction Center to demand an end to the Vietnam war, and to bring … Continue reading

Napalm Protests, 1966

Napalm Protests At Factories and Naval Base U.S. use of napalm bombs in Vietnam created outrage and shame across the country and around the world. “Napalm is a thickening/gelling agent generally mixed with petroleum or a similar fuel for use in an incendiary device, initially against … Continue reading

April 15, 1967 San Francisco March Against the War in Vietnam

April 15 1967 Spring Mobilization On April 15, 1967, the San Francisco Spring Mobilization march against the war in Vietnam announced the emergence of a new era of peace protests. Nation wide, highly organized and widely supported, it changed the … Continue reading

Stop the Draft, October, 1967

Stop the Draft Protests, Oakland Army Induction Center, October 1967. The peace movement tried to stop the draft with non-violent civil disobedience in Oakland, Caifornia, in October and again in December, 1967.  The day began with blocking the entrance to … Continue reading

Stop the Draft, December, 1967

Anti War Movement Images Draft Cards Burning, Sit ins, Stop the Draft Week December 1967 The anti war movement images from Stop the Draft December, 1967 at the Oakland Army Induction Center on Clay Street in downtown Oakland, California show … Continue reading

GI’s Against the War in 1968

GI’s Join the Protests: 1968 San Francisco, Two Protests Marches Against the Vietnam War Protests that started on campus, moved into the community, then confronted the draft system, next spread into the armed forces directly. “GI’s for Peace” became the … Continue reading

1969 Soldiers Protest Mutiny Charges against the Presidio 27

Soldiers Protest March to the San Francisco Presidio On October 12, 1968, GI’s for Peace organized and led a march in San Francisco to end the war in Vietnam. Active duty soldiers protest in uniform in full defiance of U.S. … Continue reading

November 15, 1969 Vietnam War Moratorium

Vietnam War Moratorium World Wide Protest As part of world wide Vietnam war moratorium, the San Francisco Moratorium Peace March occurred on November 15, 1969.  Large demonstrations occurred around the country and the world including 500,000 in Washington, D.C.  The … Continue reading

1971 1972 Peace Marches against War in Vietnam

Soldiers and Veterans March 1971 1972 Peace Marches After making No Greater Cause in 1968, Harvey Richards continued to shoot footage and still photos of  1971 1972 peace marches against war in Vietnam. Four photo galleries below present his photography … Continue reading