November 15, 1969 Vietnam War Moratorium

Vietnam War Moratorium World Wide Protest

Nov 15, 1969 SF Moratorium Peace March

Nov 15, 1969 SF Moratorium Peace March

As part of world wide Vietnam war moratorium, the San Francisco Moratorium Peace March occurred on November 15, 1969.  Large demonstrations occurred around the country and the world including 500,000 in Washington, D.C.  The photographs in this gallery show the San Francisco contingent of the world wide  protester and their banners.  Unlike earlier marches, this one has the clear stamp of labor and left wing organizations.  The Communist Party of the USA appeared openly with their own banner.  Labor union locals, teachers, students, librarians, engineers, scientists, doctors and health workers all carried banners protesting the war in Vietnam.

As the BBC reported, “Some 45,000 Americans had already been killed by the end of 1969. Almost half a million US men and women were deployed in the conflict, and opposition to the war was growing. The Moratorium for the first time brought out America’s middle class and middle-aged voters, in large numbers. Other demonstrations followed in its wake.”

As always, Harvey’s attention went to the subjects that the mainstream press refused to cover in their subservience to the powers that ruled them as newspapers/TV stations and the political establishment. Nixon declared he would not let the protesters influence him.  He got impeached instead.

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  1. Looking for pic. of 1960 dodge leading rally in 1969 anti war demo S.F. american flag painted on hood jimi Hendrix face on trunk thx rick

  2. Need to buy pic #16/36- it’s a pic of my my two very close friends/ brothers in that Dodge car with the flag on the hood.been looking for a long time for this,please reply.310-650-1875 is also my cell phone.this is important!!!!!!

  3. march on the presidio for the GI’s that sat down…think Paul Cox was one of them, met him in SF at the 30th .. anniversary… Someone took a photo of me in front of a McDonalds sign on Lombard…. with a CHE flag… surely the FBI has that by now..

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