April 15, 1967 San Francisco March Against the War in Vietnam

April 15 1967 Spring Mobilization

April 15, 1967 San Francisco Spring Mobilization Against the War in Vietnam marched to Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park.

On April 15, 1967, the San Francisco Spring Mobilization march against the war in Vietnam announced the emergence of a new era of peace protests. Nation wide, highly organized and widely supported, it changed the political face of a country at war.

“The Spring Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam was organized on November 26, 1966, to sponsor antiwar demonstrations in the spring of 1967. Veteran peace activist A. J. Muste was chairman of the group, and its four vice chairmen were David Dellinger, editor of Liberation; Edward Keating, publisher of Ramparts; Sidney Peck, a professor at Case Western Reserve University; and Robert Greenblatt, a professor at Cornell University. In January 1967, they named the Reverend James Luther Bevel, a close colleague of Martin Luther King, Jr., as director of the Spring Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam. During the next four months, they prepared for mass demonstrations, one scheduled for New York City, and the other for San Francisco, and on April 15, 1967, the demonstrations occurred. More than 125,000 people marched in New York City against the war—including Martin Luther King, Jr., James Luther Bevel, and Benjamin Spock—and another 60,000 marched in San Francisco. Up to its time, the Spring Mobilization was the largest antiwar demonstration in U.S. history.” From http://www.vietnamwar.net/SpringMobilization.htm.

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  3. I was one of 60,000 young men and women at the age of 19 trying to sort out what was going on. What I remember most was sitting at the dinner table with the tv on listening to Huntley/Brinkley and Walter Cronkite reporting. Bring the war right into our kitchen. It wasn’t long before I found out that six of my schoolmates had
    been killed. May they rest in peace.

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