Kanopy for Libraries Include Videos by Harvey Richards

Kanopy for Libraries

Libraries across the country and the world are streaming videos by Harvey Richards through the Kanopy for Libraries streaming platform.  In 2015, the Harvey Richards Media Archive placed all 21 documentaries with the Kanopy for libraries streaming platform for inclusion in their vast collection. So far this year, library patrons from more than 568 libraries have played films by Harvey Richards 830 times, thanks to Kanopy for libraries streaming platform.

So, which of our videos are being watched?Find out if your library subscribes to Kanopy here.

Visit to the Soviet Union, We’ll Never Turn Back, The Harversters, Factory Farms, EverymanPerch of the Devil, Freedom March, Vanishing Redwoods, No Greater Cause, Timber Tigers, Wasted Woods, Dream Deferred, Tale of Ruin: Capitalism and World Resources, Decision in the Streets, Hot Damn!, Women for Peace, The Land Is Rich… in short, all 21 of them.


Over 30,000 films entirely free with a 
library card from participating libraries.

Kanopy distributes “thoughtful entertainment” to libraries around the world, including children’s videos, classic films and great documentaries. “Streaming now for free with your library card” means that if your library subscribes to Kanopy, you can not only see videos at the library but you can also stream them for free on your favorite device, including your TV. You have to use some technical tricks which are now widely known and easy to use. You add an app (see links below) to your phone or TV and subscribe with Roku or Amazon. Then, with your library card, you have access to 30,000 films on your favorite device made available for free.

As a part of this vast collection, all of the films by Harvey Richards are available through Kanopy streaming platform in public and academic libraries which subscribe to it. Libraries only pay for videos that are viewed by patrons thus making Kanopy an affordable alternative for libraries to offer great content to the public and to the academic world.

Day in and day out, the biggest audience for videos from the Harvey Richards Media Archive comes from our libraries.  Estuary Press and the Harvey Richards Media Archive could not ask for a better way to spread the word.

The New York Times explains how it works:

How to Stream Thousands of Free Movies Using Your Library Card

Kanopy gets rave reviews:

“A treasure trove… arguably, the greatest assortment of international art cinema under one roof.” CBC News.

“A free streaming nirvana.” Indiewire

“One of the most unique and compelling film collections in the world.” Forbes

“A garden of cinematic delights.” The New York Times

“An eclectic and extensive array…of classics and deep cuts for those who feel they’ve seen everything.” The Moveable Fest


Get an app via:

Download on the App Store
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