Julian Assange Interviews Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali

Ban HUAC Demonstration, 1962, Los Angeles, California

Waiting to see if Julian Assange is granted political assylum in Ecuador, I am surprised to find a new edition of The World Tomorrow filmed in an unknown location with the credits blocked out to protect the innocent.  Maybe we have reached the point where the only truth the media can produce is in clandestine locations from people being persecuted.  And with the internet, the whole world can see it on their mobile devices.

Back in 1962, Harvey Richards took this photo in Los Angeles during a demonstration against the House UnAmerican Activities Committee hearing taking place there.  Notice that the car in the photo is a police car with cops photographing demonstrators in an obvious attempt at intimidation.  The current persecution of Julian Assange has roots in the 1960s when the people rose up to break the silence of the 1950s to end the McCarthy era. Breaking that silence felt good then when it happened and hearing Julian Assange speak today feels just like that again.  Police intimidation has grown now to include snooping on everything we say on the world wide web.


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