Bolivar Co. Mississippi New Museum for Amzie Moore

Harvey Richards Films and Photos to Be Exhibited The Harvey Richards Media Archive is thrilled to be included in the new Amzie Moore (1911-1982) museum coming to Cleveland, Mississippi in 2015. Bolivar County, Mississippi, with the cooperation of Delta State University, … Continue reading

Support Dolores Huerta Foundation

With Harvey Richards’ Iconic Image Merchandise The Dolores Huerta Foundation has licensed the use of Harvey Richards’ iconic photo of Dolores Huerta taken in 1965 during the grape strike for use on merchandise that people can buy to support the foundation. There … Continue reading

Amzie Moore: A Civil Rights Movement Leader

Mississippi Civil Rights Leader “I found that SNCC was for business, live or die, sink or swim, survive or perish. They were moving, and nobody seemed to worry about whether he was gonna live or die.” Amzie Moore oral history interview, … Continue reading

“One Life: Dolores Huerta” Smithsonian Exhibition

Smithsonian Acquires Harvey Richards’ Photos Starting July 3, 2015 and running until May 15, 2016, the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute is planning to present an exhibition called “One Life: Dolores Huerta.” As part of this exhibition, the Smithsonian … Continue reading

Images of a Segregated Society: Mississippi, 1959-1964

What Does a Segregated Society Look Like? “Segregated Society: Mississippi, 1959-1964” is new gallery offering a selection of previously unpublished images from Harvey’s photography during his three trips to Mississippi during the years from 1959 to 1964. Harvey Richards went … Continue reading

Requiem for the Forest Giants

Tribute and Grief for Old Growth Forests Now Gone “Requiem for the Forest Giants” features clips from Harvey Richards film “Wasted Woods” (1964) showing the cutting down of the old growth giant redwoods that occurred in the 1960s along the west coast. … Continue reading

Braceros in California, 1960

From the Border to the Fields Harvey Richards’ still photo images of braceros in California agriculture in 1958 created considerable interest among film makers and viewers of this web site. In the process of reviewing Richards’ film Factory Farms for Amazon … Continue reading

50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer

Week Long Events in Jackson, Mississippi Harvey Richards films and photos are part of the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Freedom Summer, including this one on the announcement of the Banquet on June 28th.  His photography of the Mississippi voter registration movement … Continue reading

Willie B. Wazir Peacock Tells a Story

Shooting in Greenwood, Mississippi, March 1963 Willie B. Wazir Peacock tells a story of how he and Sam Block, his friend and fellow SNCC field secretary, were almost killed one dark night in March, 1963 in Greewood, Mississippi. It is a revealing story about … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: From Child Migrant Farm Worker to Artist, Federico Correa

Painting Images from His Childhood I received an email from Federico Correa on May 2, 2014 telling me that he had found this photo of himself while searching the internet about farm labor. Federico Correa’s journey from child migrant farm … Continue reading

The Stump Makers (1963)

Deforestation of the West Coast: Uncontrolled Corporations at Work This brief clip of cutting down an ancient tree comes from The Stump Makers (1963), a 22 minute film made by Harvey Richards during the height of the deforestation of the … Continue reading

Freedom Bound: Faces and Voices

Civil Rights in Mississippi in 1963 Freedom Bound: Voices and Faces from Paul Richards on Vimeo. This one minute video consists of clips from Harvey Richards’ film Freedom Bound. Freedom Bound is the film that Harvey made after his trip to Mississippi … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Burning His Draft Card

In Front of the Oakland Army Induction Center, December, 1967 The Harvey Richard Media Archive has been very active lately, receiving growing interest around the the country and the world from people interested in our history, and especially in our … Continue reading

Plaza de Cultura y Artes Exhibit on Dolores Huerta Opens Today

 The Harvey Richards Media Archive is please to reprint the press release by La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in Los Angeles announcing their exhibit on Dolores Huerta which begins today, April 10, 2014.  Check it out! Press Release Exhibition: ¡Viva … Continue reading

Photo of the Day Updated: Alice Richards and Linus Pauling, 1992

Bringing Light Wherever She Went This Harvey Richards photo of Linus Pauling and Alice Richards together at a dinner party in 1992 brings back fond memories of Alice and the wonderful years she shared with my father during the decades from the … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez During the March to Sacramento, 1966 In March, 1966, the United Farm Workers Association under the leadership of Cesar Chavez, organized a 300 mile long march from Delano to Sacramento, California, to create support for the farm workers … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Butte’s Berkeley Pit

Rising Water in the Pit Threatens the Future They turned off the pumps in the old mine shafts 3800 feet below the surface in 1982, on Earth Day, no less. Those pumps kept Butte’s Berkeley Pit dry  That was nine years after … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: HUAC and Ralph Fasanella Exhibit

Smithsonian Museum Acquires Harvey Richards Photo From May 2, 2014 to August 3, 2014, the Smithsonian American Art Museum will have an exhibit on “Ralph Fasanella: Lest We Forget”.  The exhibit is curated by their “folk and self-taught art” department. … Continue reading

Paying the Price for Clear Cut Logging

California Flood of 1964: Paying the Price for Clear Cut Logging After years of mechanized, systematic clear cutting of the forests of northern California by large logging corporations, the California flood of 1964 washed logging debris into the rivers and … Continue reading

Sochi Resort for the People, 1961

Sochi Resort for the People Short Video with Music Sochi Resort for the People from Paul Richards on Vimeo. In 1961, I traveled with my father, Harvey Richards, and step mother, Alice, to the Soviet Union to help them make … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: Fighting the NSA

The NSA Must Go! February 11 is a day to fight back against the NSA.  (See In support of that day of protest, we offer the photo by Harvey Richards in 1962 in Los Angeles during a protest against … Continue reading