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Faces of Vietnam Protests: 1969 & 1970

Faces of Vietnam Protests: 1969 & 1970

The Harvey Richards Media Archive blog brings you news from events involving the photos and films of Harvey Richards, including announcements of new documentary films, books, museum exhibits, and magazine articles which license materials from the Archive.  Below (scroll down) you can find past blog posts with information about Harvey Richards photographic work (see the timeline of his photography), about the archive, and news of outreach activities. The Archive is the source for information about the main subjects that Harvey photographed during the years from 1958 to 1982. These subjects include the anti-war protests movements of the 1960’s, the civil rights movement in California and Mississippi, the farm worker’s union movement in California agriculture from 1958-1966, destructive corporate logging in California and Oregon, mining  and the human and environmental impacts it has in the USA, pollution of the San Francisco Bay, and conditions of women and children in the USSR in 1961. Blog posts feature new materials from the archive are being published on the web site in photo galleries and videos.  So subscribe and check back often to see the latest news from the Harvey Richards Media Archive.

Film to Digital Collection Expands

High Definition Digital Files At a time of intensifying rebellion against racism, injustice, war and ecological suicide, the demands for historic images of radical 1960s protests contained in the Harvey Richards Media Archive high definition digital files collection continues to … Continue reading

Forestry Videos on Amazon Prime

Corporate Logging: After Us, the Desert and the Deluge Forestry Videos Harvey Richards photographed logging in the forests of western California and Oregon in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the last great stands of old growth redwood forests were logged … Continue reading

Soviet Union Videos on Amazon Prime

Socialist Life in Moscow, Sochi, Tashkent and Irkutsk, 1961 Women and Children in the USSR, 1961 Harvey and Alice Richards made two Soviet Union videos in 1961 focusing on women and children in a socialist society: A Visit to the … Continue reading

California Farm Worker Videos on Amazon Prime

Braceros, industrial Agriculture, Union Organizing, 1959-1966 Harvey Richards’ California Farm Worker videos were made as he roamed the central valleys of California with still and motion picture cameras documenting the conditions of farm workers, the expansion of industrial agriculture and … Continue reading

Kanopy for Libraries Include Videos by Harvey Richards

Kanopy for Libraries Libraries across the country and the world are streaming videos by Harvey Richards through the Kanopy for Libraries streaming platform.  In 2015, the Harvey Richards Media Archive placed all 21 documentaries with the Kanopy for libraries streaming platform for … Continue reading

South Outs

South Outs from the two Mississippi voter registration films, We'll Never Turn Back, and Dream Deferred which was previously only available in standard definition.

Film and Audio Not in Finished Films: Mississippi 1963/1964: Harvey Richards filmed and recorded sound in Mississippi as part of his film making in 1963 and 1964 in cooperation with Amzie Moore and SNCC. This DVD contains his outs, materials … Continue reading

HRMA Films Go High Definition

We’ll Never Turn Back, Decision in the Streets and The Land Is Rich To Start Out Three of Harvey Richards most widely sought after historic documentaries are now available in high definition. More film conversions are on their way. We’ll … Continue reading

Environmental Videos and Images

Archive Contents and Access with QR Codes Videos Harvey Richards’ environmental videos include four films on logging and forestry: The Stump Makers; Wasted Woods; Vanishing Redwoods; Timber Tigers. And two films on mining and miners: Perch of the Devil; Tale of Ruin. And a film on the ecology of San … Continue reading

Soldiers March in San Francisco, April 6, 1969

David Kirschner Remembers the Day Last month, in March, 2016, I received an email from David Kirschner about a photo on the Harvey Richards Media Archive. “That’s me,” he wrote, “driving my 1957 DeSoto featured in the photo.” His next … Continue reading