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Dolores Huerta, 1965. Photo by Harvey Richards

Dolores Huerta, 1965. Photo by Harvey Richards

A thousand photos in the Harvey Richards Media Archive photo galleries and 22 videos tell the story of the 1960s like only images can. His photographs are full of the events that happened 50 years ago, but still  shape our world and our future. Educators, teachers, students, and researchers can access these free resources for studying uprisings of the 1960s by simply exploring the website.

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San Francisco Peace March, 1970. Photo by Harvey Richards

Are you studying the movement to end the war in Vietnam? The protests against Nuclear War? See how people in the San Francisco Bay Area rose up against the war in Vietnam, marched and marched until hundreds of thousands marched, soldiers went AWOL, wore their uniforms to peace marches, and spoke their minds. Look into their faces, read their picket signs. The photo collection is augmented by free preview clips from his five documentary films on the Bay Area peace movement: Everyman (1962), Women for Peace (1962), Hot Damn (1965) No Greater Cause (1968), and Decision in the Streets (1965).

1963, Mississippi Voter Registration Activists.

Julian Bond in Mississippi, 1963. Photo by Harvey Richards

Are you studying the Civil Rights Movement? See portraits of the brave activists and share-croppers in Mississippi who risked everything to put an end to legal racial segregation in 1963 and 1964. In the San Francisco Bay Area, civil rights activists marched for justice and raised funds for the freedom movement. These fund-raisers caused the Free Speech Movement that woke up the University of California and the world in 1964. Go deeper into the subject by viewing the free clips from Harvey Richards’ five documentary films on civil rights: We’ll Never Turn Back (1963), Dream Deferred (1964), Freedom Bound (1964), Freedom March (1963), and Decision in the Streets (1965, which has both peace and civil rights activities).

Farm Workers on Strike, 1959-1966

UFW March to Sacramento Begins, 1966. Photo by Harvey Richards.

Are you studying the California Farm Workers Movements? See what industrial farming looked like in California in 1960. Look at the strikers and marchers who rocked the central valley and the rest of the state. See free preview clips from four documentary videos made from the worker’s and union’s point of view, designed to help the organizing drives of the United Packing House Workers Union (Factory Farms, 1959), the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO (The Harvesters1960, Uno Veintecinco1962) and the United Farm Workers (The Land Is Rich1966).

Women and Children in Moscow, 1961

Two Girls, Moscow, 1961. Photo by Harvey Richards

Are you studying Russia and the Soviet Union? See women and children in the USSR in 1961 and what ordinary life looked like. Images Galleries of the Soviet Union contain photos that Harvey Richards took during the making of two films about women and children in the USSR in 1961: A Visit to the Soviet Union, Part 1: Women of Russia, and Part 2: Far From Moscow.

Butte's Berkeley Pit

Butte’s Berkeley Pit, 1966. Photo by Harvey Richards

Are you studying mining? Are you studying Butte Montana? See the life of hard rock miners and what the mining corporations did to the land and the people. Harvey Richards mining photos spanned the transition from deep shaft mining of the early 20th century to open pit mining that dominated in the second half. Watch preview clips from his two documentary films on mining: Perch of the Devil, (1960), the story of the Butte miner’s strike of 1959 and the background union history; and Tale of Ruin: Capitalism and World Resources (1978) about the role of mining in capitalist resource exploitation, international geopolitics and its impact on the environment.

Giant Machines for Forest Giants

Giant Redwoods in Logging Cold Deck, 1963. Photo by Harvey Richards

Are you studying deforestation? Clear cutting of forests? See the destruction that logging corporations caused when they clear cut the giant redwoods on the West Coast in the 1960s and 1970s. Photos of giant logs that will never be seen again. His still photos were taken during the making of four films: See preview clips from The Stump Makers (1963), Wasted Woods (1964),  Vanishing Redwoods (1975), and Timber Tigers (1971).

Trucks filling the bay, 1969

Trucks filling the bay, 1969. Photo by Harvey Richards

Are you studying the San Francisco Bay? In 1970, the Save the Bay movement arose to stop the filling of the bay at a time when filling the bay was legal.See the municipal and corporate landfill operations that threatened the bay in 1970. Watch the preview of his film Warning Warning (1970), made to help the Save the Bay movement.

Over a thousand photos and 22 video clips bring all of these subjects alive on the Harvey Richards Media Archive. Go to the website and look around. If you want to learn more about the photo and video collection, sign up for the free 1960s Archival Images Newsletter. For two bucks, you can see the complete version of any one of Harvey Richards’ twenty-two films on these subjects available for download or streaming. If you want DVD’s of the films for your school, you can get them here.

Whether you are a teacher or student, researcher, or activist interested in our real history, visiting the Harvey Richards Media Archive will be well worth the time.

About the Harvey Richards Media Archive: The Harvey Richards Media Archive contains a treasure of images of the political and social justice upheavals of the 1960s on the west coast and of the devastating impact of capitalist resource exploitation in western forests, and mines among other subjects.  All of his 22 films are available for streaming, downloading and as DVDs. The interest and demand for his images has continued to grow along with the interest in the legacy of the 1960’s political and cultural upsurge. Estuary Press is the home of the Harvey Richards Media Archive video and photo image collections.

About Estuary Press: Estuary Press is the publisher of Nicaragua Way by Nina Serrano and Heart Suite, a trilogy of three books of poetry by Nina Serrano. It is also the home of the Harvey Richards Media Archive, a repository of photography and video documentaries of the social change and political movements during the 1960s and 1970s. Contact Paul Richards (510) 967 5577, paulrichards@estuarypress.com or visit estuarypress.com for more details.

MEDIA – For photos & interviews: Paul Richards (510) 967 5577; paulrichards@estuarypress.com



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