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Harvey Richards documented the impact of corporate logging practices in northern California and Oregon from 1960 until the early 1980’s.

In the early years, the 1960’s, he filmed and photographed the commercial harvest and clear cutting of the last great stands of commercially available old growth redwood forests. He followed the logging crews into the mountains on logging roads, filming and photographing the devastation of the forests.  He came down from the mountains of the coastal ranges into the booming logging towns along the coast where he witnessed and documented the rivers full of logs, the immense cold decks of stacked logs awaiting processing and the operations of the mills themselves.  He photographed helicopter logging, and the immense piles of wood chip that grew up outside the mills from the waste materials from processing and clear cutting.  He photographed the gigantic machinery that hauled and transported the logs to the mils and then moved the logs into the mills for cutting and producing lumber.  And once the boom was over, he returned to photograph the abandoned mills and docks along the rivers of depressed and silent logging towns.  He created a record of an event both awesome in its size and impact and terrifying in its legacy of ecological destruction and impact on climate change.

“You should have seen that train go by
You should have seen that comet in the sky.”

Poem by Paul Richards

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The Last Giant Redwoods Come Down

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Paying the Price for Clear Cut Logging

A recently discovered reel of film of the December 1965 northern California flood.

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