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Logging images

Harvey Richards logging photography started during the 1960’s when logging corporations completed the destruction of the last of the old-growth redwood forests in northern California and Oregon, a process which Judi Barri characterized as “ripping the lungs out of the planet”.

He drove into the forests on logging roads and filmed the cutting and transporting of logs and the wastelands left behind. He filmed the logging mills and the rivers full of cut logs on their way to the mills. He photographed the ships fully loaded with logs on their way to Japan where cutting down trees is illegal. He made four films on logging, The Stump Makers, Wasted Woods, Vanishing Redwoods and Timber Tigers.  His photo images are a unique resource showing the destructive path that corporate logging has left on the earth.

Mining Images

Harvey’s photo images of mining started out in his Butte, Montana trip in 1960 making Perch of the Devil, a film about the 1959 copper miner’s strike.

The images show miner’s homes, the streets of Butte, the mine gallows and tailing piles that dominated the town built over “the richest hill on earth”.  He photographed the miner’s union hall, the small picket lines and the pall of depression that seemed to hover over the miners.  The open pit mining ended the struggle by displacing the hard rock miners altogether.  Ten years later, Harvey photographed the awesome gaping holes in the earth that swallowed up Butte, with the giant machines and immensely destructive impact on the earth. Mining is is the subject of his last film, Tale of Ruin, Capitalism and World Resources.

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