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Logging by Clear Cutting

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Harvey Richards photographed logging in the forests of western California and Oregon in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the last great stands of old growth redwood forests were logged out. He captured images of giant logs filling lumber mill yards, scenes that will never be seen again.  He photographed the giant haulers and loaders designed for these magnificent trees now gone, along with the lumber mills and mill towns that grew up to harvest them.  When the loggers moved on to new forests to clear cut, Harvey photographed the devastation left behind.  He followed the logging trucks into the coastal towns and photographed immense lumber mills along the rivers with their vast capacity to mill logs into lumber and to move it to domestic and foreign markets.  In short he captured a peak moment in the history of extractive and wasteful logging practices that is gone forever and that has left a permanent mark on our planet, something that Judi Barri termed “Ripping the lungs out of the planet.”

1960, Oregon, Giant Redwood Cold Deck

1960, Oregon, Giant Redwood Cold Deck

Harvey Richards came from rural Oregon from people who had worked in farming and mining for three generations before him. His love of the forests of the West led to films exposing the wasteful and devastating logging practices of major corporations in northern California and Oregon during the 1960s and 1970s (The Stump MakersWasted Woods, and Vanishing Redwoods). He widened his frame to include logging practices around the nation in Timber Tigers.


The Stump Makers

1963, 22 min., color, DVD The Stump Makers: “Cutting the Lungs Out of the Planet” Judy Bari In The Stump Makers, Harvey Richards presents footage of wasteful forest practices and ecological devastation caused by major logging companies’ clear cutting operations in California … Continue reading

Wasted Woods

1964, 18 min., color, DVD Wasted Woods: “Cut and Get Out.  After Us, the Deluge and the Desert.” Wasted Woods shows corporate destruction of the forest on the West Coast during the 1950’s and 60’s. In a period of booming log … Continue reading

Vanishing Redwoods

1975, 28 min., color, DVD Clear Cutting Threatens the Survival of the Species Vanishing Redwoods depicts the delicate natural balance required for the growth and survival of redwood forests. Photographed in northern California and Oregon, it shows how the logging industry’s … Continue reading

Timber Tigers

1971, 23 min., color, DVD Deforestation: “After us, the deluge and the desert.” Timber Tigers consume the forests using the corporate logging practices we know as clear cutting. Approaching the environment as an input to create profits is a narrow view … Continue reading