Peace Movement Documentaries

From Ban the Bomb to Vietnam War Protests

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Harvey Richards documentaries on the San Francisco peace movement began with the marches against nuclear testing and then focused on the Vietnam War protests in the 1960’s.  Women for Peace (1962) is a film he made in collaboration with his wife, Alice Richards who was a co-founder of the organization. He documented anti-nuclear testing protests in Everyman (1962) which centered on the attempt to sail a boat named Everyman into the nuclear testing zones in the Pacific Ocean.  As the Vietnam war escalated from 1965 onward, he produced three films about the anti-Vietnam war movement.  He photographed the Berkeley troop train demonstrations in Hot Damn! (1965), the Vietnam Day Committee march from Berkeley to Oakland, the 1967 Stop the Draft demonstrations in Oakland, California to end the military draft system, the great San Francisco Vietnam War protests that helped stop the war in Vietnam in his films Decision in the Streets and No Greater Cause.

1966, Vietnam War Protest, Port Chicago, CA. Napalm Plant

1966, Vietnam War Protest, Port Chicago, CA. Napalm Plant

Each of the posts below contain brief clips taken from his films to give viewers the flavor of those times and a sense of each film’s content.  The images convey not only the political climate of the 1960’s, but also the cultural upsurge that shows in their dress and hair styles, and in the slogans on their picket signs.  These films and the photos available on this web site help preserve the lasting messages of peace that protesters believed in and that the world must not forget.

Peace and anti-war films by Harvey Richards:

Decision in the Streets

1965, 35 min., black/white, DVD 1960’s Bay Area Protest Movement in the Streets Decision in the Streets shows the tumultuous beginnings of the Bay Area civil rights and peace protest movement from 1960 to 1965. Street demonstrations in the Bay … Continue reading


1962, 21 min., black/white, DVD Everyman Protested Nuclear Testing Everyman is the name of a film about a boat built in 1961 in Sausalito by Bay Area peace movement activists to sail into Pacific Ocean nuclear test zones to protest nuclear … Continue reading

No Greater Cause

1968, 19 min., black/white, DVD GI’s March in Vietnam War Protest No Greater Cause chronicles the height of the anti-Vietnam war movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. Featuring the massive confrontations between police and anti-draft protestors in l967; the giant … Continue reading

Hot Damn

1965, 15 min., black/white, DVD 1965 Anti-War Protests in the San Francisco Bay Area Hot Damn contains unique footage of the 1965 Bay Area anti-war protests at a time when the Vietnam War was escalating rapidly. Harvey Richards filmed the 1965 … Continue reading

Women for Peace

1962, 24 min., black/white, DVD Founding the Women for Peace Organization In San Francisco, on August 6, 1962, Harvey Richards photographed the Women for Peace march to commemorate the anniversary of the U.S. dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima.  Marching in … Continue reading