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Harvey Richards filming farm worker strikers, 1964.

Harvey Richards filming farm worker strikers, 1964.

Throughout the 1960s, it was a common sight at local Bay Area demonstrations of any size to see Richards standing atop his station wagon or van, two still cameras around his neck, looking through a tripod mounted motion picture camera.  During his active years as a photographer, from 1958 to 1978, Richards produced twenty two documentary films (listed below) on many subjects including farm labor, the civil rights movement locally and in Mississippi, and the peace and anti-war movements, including two films made in 1961 about women and children in the Soviet Union. His concern for the environment led to films exposing the wasteful forestry practices going on nationally, especially in northern California and in Oregon, where he was born and raised. Below this page, or through the drop down menus above, you can find posts containing film clips from each movie along with a short description of the film and a buy now button that will take you to the Esutary Press Store to order a film.

List of the Documentary Films of Harvey Richards
In Chronological Order

1. Factory Farms, 37 minutes, 1959
2. The Harvesters, 18 minutes, 1960
3. Perch of the Devil, 24 minutes, 1960
4. Everyman, 21 minutes, 1962
5. Women for Peace, 24 minutes, 1962
6. Uno Veintecinco, 15 minutes, 1962
7. A Visit to the Soviet Union, Part 1: Women of Russia, 36 minutes, 1962
8. A Visit to the Soviet Union, Part 2: Far From Moscow, 33 minutes, 1962
9. The Stump Makers, 22 minutes, 1963.
10. Freedom March, 10 minutes, 1963
11. Freedom Bound, 27 minutes, 1963
12. We’ll Never Turn Back, 31 minutes, 1963
13. Wasted Woods, 18 minutes, 1964
14. Dream Deferred, 34 minutes, 1964
15. Decision in the Streets, 43 minutes, 1965
16. Hot Damn!, 15 minutes, 1965
17. The Land Is Rich, 27 minutes, 1966
18. No Greater Cause, 19 minutes, 1968
19. Warning! Warning!,  22 minutes, 1970
20. Timber Tigers, 23 minutes,  1971
21. Vanishing Redwoods, 28 minutes, 1975
22. A Tale of Ruin, 15 minutes, 1978



1962, 21 min., black/white, DVD Everyman Protested Nuclear Testing Everyman is the name of a film about a boat built in 1961 in Sausalito by Bay Area peace movement activists to sail into Pacific Ocean nuclear test zones to protest nuclear … Continue reading

No Greater Cause

1968, 19 min., black/white, DVD GI’s March in Vietnam War Protest No Greater Cause chronicles the height of the anti-Vietnam war movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. Featuring the massive confrontations between police and anti-draft protestors in l967; the giant … Continue reading

Timber Tigers

1971, 23 min., color, DVD Deforestation: “After us, the deluge and the desert.” Timber Tigers consume the forests using the corporate logging practices we know as clear cutting. Approaching the environment as an input to create profits is a narrow view … Continue reading