1971, 1972 San Francisco Peace Marches to End the Vietnam War

Peace Marches, Veterans Day & Picketing Travis Air Force Base After making No Greater Cause in 1968, Harvey Richards continued to shoot motion picture footage and still photos of peace marches against the Vietnam war in San Francisco. Four photo galleries below present … Continue reading

November 15, 1969 Vietnam War Moratorium

Vietnam War Moratorium World Wide Protest As part of world wide Vietnam war moratorium, the San Francisco Moratorium Peace March occurred on November 15, 1969.  Large demonstrations occurred around the country and the world including 500,000 in Washington, D.C.  The … Continue reading

1969 Soldiers Protest Mutiny Charges against the Presidio 27

Soldiers Protest March to the San Francisco Presidio On October 12, 1968, GI’s for Peace organized and led a march in San Francisco to end the war in Vietnam. Active duty soldiers protest in uniform in full defiance of U.S. … Continue reading

1968 San Francisco, Two Vietnam War Protests

 GI’s Take the Lead in 1968 Harvey photographed two marches to end the war in Vietnam in 1968 in San Francisco.  Photos are presented in two galleries below. The first gallery presents photos from the  April 27, 1968 march to … Continue reading

Stop the Draft, December, 1967

Draft Cards Burning, Sit ins, Stop the Draft Week Stop the Draft Week in December, 1967 at the Oakland Army Induction Center on Clay Street in downtown Oakland, California had many of the same actions that happened in October, 1967, … Continue reading

Stop the Draft, October, 1967

 Stop the Draft Protests, Oakland Army Induction Center, October 1967. The peace movement tried to stop the draft with non-violent civil disobedience in Oakland, Caifornia, in October and again in December, 1967.  The day began with blocking the entrance to … Continue reading