Assange granted asylum by Ecuador. Can International relations survive?

The British threat to storm the Ecuadoran embassy to get Julian Asssange is bullying in classic British style going back to the origins of their now defunct empires. Only now they are the USA bully boy. Revolting. Freedom of speech … Continue reading

Print On Demand Book Machines Are Happening

  Espresso Book Machine shows a machine that can read a digital file and in minutes turn out a finished, library quality book.  It can print out of print books.  There is one in Sacramento at the public library and in Santa … Continue reading

Chief Caleen Sisk Speaks Against the Canal

On July 25, 2012, Restore the Delta ( organized a demonstration to protest a new attempt to build a peripheral canal to drain northern California dry.  Chief Caleen Sisk spoke (listen to her here) to the rally against the canal on … Continue reading

Toxic Spraying in Agriculture is Not the Only Way

Toxic pesticides are being sprayed on our food in commercial agriculture today and for decades in the past.  Whether you are in California or Minnesota, pesticide spraying from the air or on the ground is polluting the atmosphere, poisoning workers, neighborhoods around … Continue reading

California Farm Workers in the Winter of 1964

Harvey Richards took this photo on New Years Day, January 1, 1964 in Stockton, California.  Big businesses in agriculture love migrant workers who can pick a crop and move on.  Where did they go after the crops were picked in … Continue reading

Women for Peace Picket Nuclear Tests, July 1962

Harvey Richards photographed the July, 1962 Women for Peace picket at the nuclear bomb testing site in Nevada.   Alice Richards, Harvey’s wife, helped found the organization and with Harvey and Frances Herring made a film about it called Women … Continue reading

Bay Area Civil Rights Actions, 1963

Picketing Bank of America, Berkeley, 1963

Harvey Richards took this Bay Area civil rights demonstration photo in December, 1963 during a time in the civil rights movements when interracial unity was the name of the game.  The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) conducted pickets of businesses … Continue reading

Forthcoming Film on Black Panther Party

Dante James is making a new film on Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party.  Click on the link to Decision List Blog to read an interview with Dante James about what he is doing.  You can support this … Continue reading

Join the Iraq Vets and Afghan people against the war in Afghanistan

This link contains a video that was made about the May, 2012 march against war during the NATO meeting in Chicago.  The march was co sponsored by Iraq Veterans against War and Afghans For Peace .  It includes statements by veterans … Continue reading

Expanding Democracy is Now

Our schools teach a mythical past.  Then we grow up and see the world in operation and say our democracy is being undercut.  If the people’s history were taught it would be apparent that the challenge today is to expand … Continue reading