Factory Farms

1959, 37 minutes, color, DV  Factory Farms from the Organizer’s Point of View California farm workers caught the attention of Harvey Richards early in his photographic career. Working with unionists and pro-union activists, Harvey toured the central valley of California … Continue reading

The Harvesters

1960, 18 min., black/white, DVD Rural Farm Labor Becomes Factory Labor The rush to mechanize California agriculture to reduce the cost of farm labor in the late 1950′s and early 1960′s came as California’s factory farmers responded to the anticipated … Continue reading

Uno Veintecinco: the Lettuce Strike of 1962

1962, 15 minutes, black and white A Pivotal Strike in Farm Worker History Uno Veintecinco tells the story of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC), AFL-CIO, strike in 1962 for $1.25/hour for lettuce pickers in California. The strike was centered in … Continue reading

The Land Is Rich

1966, 27 min., color, DVD California Farm Workers Grape Strike and March to Sacramento Harvey Richards filmed the United Farm Workers march to Sacramento in 1966 to win the right to unionize for California farm workers. Starting out in Delano … Continue reading