Hollis Watkins Going Strong

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, Inc. Estuary Press has posted a new blog post on Hollis Watkins featuring a photo of Hollis with a copy of Critical Focus, The Black and White … Continue reading

Critical Focus eBook

1960s Photography eBook Estuary Press has published an eBook edition of Critical Focus: The Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards. The eBook contains more than the photos and text of the original 1986 book. Now, Critical Focus is a gateway to well … Continue reading

“One Life: Dolores Huerta” Smithsonian Exhibition

Smithsonian Acquires Harvey Richards’ Photos Starting July 3, 2015 and running until May 15, 2016, the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute is planning to present an exhibition called “One Life: Dolores Huerta.” As part of this exhibition, the Smithsonian … Continue reading

History Is What My YouTube Channel Is About

Paul Richards YouTube Channel Video Intro Three years ago, in 2011, I put the Paul Richards YouTube Channel to work with clips from 22 films from the Harvey Richards Media Archive. The idea was to add movie clips to the Archive web … Continue reading

Segregated Society: Mississippi, 1959-1964

What Does a Segregated Society Look Like Photo Gallery from the Harvey Richards Media Archive With the help of my oldest grandson, Nicholas Richards, the Harvey Richards Media Archive has created a new photo gallery  “Segregated Society: Mississippi, 1959-1964.” The new … Continue reading

Requiem for the Forest Giants

Tribute and Grief for Old Growth Forests Now Gone “Requiem for the Forest Giants” features clips from Harvey Richards film “Wasted Woods” (1964) showing the cutting down of the old growth giant redwoods that occurred in the 1960s along the west coast. … Continue reading

Braceros in California, 1960

From the Border to the Fields Harvey Richards’ still photo images of braceros in California agriculture in 1958 created considerable interest among film makers and viewers of this web site. In the process of reviewing Richards’ film Factory Farms for Amazon … Continue reading

50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer

Week Long Events in Jackson, Mississippi Harvey Richards films and photos are part of the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Freedom Summer, including this one on the announcement of the Banquet on June 28th.  His photography of the Mississippi voter registration movement … Continue reading

Willie B. Wazir Peacock Tells a Story

Shooting in Greenwood, Mississippi, March 1963 Willie B. Wazir Peacock tells a story of how he and Sam Block, his friend and fellow SNCC field secretary, were almost killed one dark night in March, 1963 in Greewood, Mississippi. It is a revealing story about … Continue reading

Photo of the Day: From Child Migrant Farm Worker to Artist, Federico Correa

Painting Images from His Childhood I received an email from Federico Correa on May 2, 2014 telling me that he had found this photo of himself while searching the internet about farm labor. Federico Correa’s journey from child migrant farm … Continue reading