1973 Grape Strike New HD Color Footage

Joan Baez and Daniel Ellsberg Walk the Line The slide show below presents screen shots taken from the film showing a United Farm Workers Union picket line in 1973 grape strike. The expansion of the film to high definition digital … Continue reading

End the War in Vietnam Protests

1969 and 1971 San Francisco Peace March Film To HD Video The slide show below presents screen shots taken from the films showing a sampling of the size, spirit and diversity of the marches. The expansion of the film to … Continue reading

Film to Digital Collection Expands

High Definition Digital Files At a time of intensifying rebellion against racism, injustice, war and ecological suicide, the demands for historic images of radical 1960s protests contained in the Harvey Richards Media Archive high definition digital files collection continues to … Continue reading

Forestry Videos on Amazon Prime

Corporate Logging: After Us, the Desert and the Deluge Forestry Videos Harvey Richards photographed logging in the forests of western California and Oregon in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the last great stands of old growth redwood forests were logged … Continue reading

Soviet Union Videos on Amazon Prime

Socialist Life in Moscow, Sochi, Tashkent and Irkutsk, 1961 Women and Children in the USSR, 1961 Harvey and Alice Richards made two Soviet Union videos in 1961 focusing on women and children in a socialist society: A Visit to the … Continue reading

Civil Rights Videos on Amazon Prime

California and Mississippi Civil Rights in the 1960s Harvey Richards’ civil rights videos document civil rights activists in the early 1960s. Beginning in 1963, Richards cameras recorded the rising tide of public sentiment in favor of ending segregation. In the … Continue reading

California Farm Worker Videos on Amazon Prime

Braceros, industrial Agriculture, Union Organizing, 1959-1966 Harvey Richards’ California Farm Worker videos were made as he roamed the central valleys of California with still and motion picture cameras documenting the conditions of farm workers, the expansion of industrial agriculture and … Continue reading

Harvey Richards Anti-War Videos on Amazon Prime

1960s HD Videos now online Harvey Richards Anti-War Videos on Amazon Prime tell the story of the San Francisco bay area peace movement. The San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s was the epicenter of the peace movement on the west … Continue reading

Harvey Richards Amazon Prime Videos

High Definition Videos now online Harvey Richards Videos on Amazon Prime, click on the covers below to go to the Amazon page for downloading or streaming it. 22 films Converted from 16 mm film to HD videos Harvey Richards Videos … Continue reading

Requiem for the Forest Giants HD

A Tribute to Our Lost Heritage   Requiem for the Forest Giants is a short video paying tribute to the lost heritage of the ancient redwoods cut down in the clear cutting frenzy of the 1960s.   Over the years … Continue reading