Houghton-mifflin-harcourt bankruptcy

The ebook drama is transforming publishing.  Agency pricing (putting ebook prices at or above paper book prices) has not shielded the big companies from it.  It has made their situation worse, in my opinion.   Big publishing houses have backed themselves into a corner with no way out except bankruptcy.



Houghton-mifflin-harcourt bankruptcy — 3 Comments

  1. Some publishers include a DVD or CD in the book. Some are getting into online video publishing and distribution. I think that educational videos with the proper streaming service, such as what Netflix or Hulu do, could be a profit center for a publishing house.

  2. I have been exploring CreateSpace (Amazon) for a streaming alternative for films on my web site. They have a not-smaller-than twenty minute limit for films they will put up on their site which leaves about four of my 22 films out. My publishing plans are mainly for ebooks which have can include embedded video but only on iBooks. You can also use links to go to videos from ebooks. But they way things are going, this could all change by tomorrow.

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