1960’s Anti-War Protests Photo Galleries

San Francisco 1960’s Anti-War Protests

Nov 15, 1969 SF Moratorium Peace March

Anti-War Protests Call For War Moratorium, Nov 15, 1969

New photo galleries of the 1960s San Francisco Bay Area anti-war protest movement from 1959 to 1972 are now online on Harvey Richards  Media Archive.  The anti-Vietnam War peace movement grew from small beginnings to an in-your-face challenge to the military and elected government power structure to change the direction of the country.  The war machine continued in the face of mounting protests and ground war reverses.  What it could not accomplish on the ground, it turned to an escalating and fruitless air war to achieve. Ultimately, our defeat in Vietnam in 1973 was never officially acknowledged.  Moreover, the anti-war protests left the country devastated and disoriented in the face of the death and destruction suffered by our youth and featured every night on the TV news. Those of us in the anti-war movement celebrated the end of the war quietly.  For the silent majority, the sight of veteran soldiers openly calling for an end to the war without victory caused widespread shock and dismay.  Forty years of reaction and polarization followed, leading us into the post Nixon impeachment years of Reagan and Bush.  Looking back now, these photos communicate the depth and profundity of the crisis of those years.

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