Warning Warning

1970, 22 min., color, DVD

Pollution and Land Filling Threaten San Francisco Bay

warning warningRent or Buy smallWarning Warning tells about a time in the 1960’s of increasing water pollution  when the Army Corps of Engineers projected that San Francisco Bay would be completely filled down to narrow shipping channels and that the earth from the San Bruno Mountain south of San Francisco would be used to fill it, a movement arose to Save the Bay.  This organization led efforts that resulted in the creation of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and state legislation to stop the destruction of the bay.  The creation of the Commission inspired and used as a model for the creation of the California Coastal Commission and the conservation and preservation legislation that now has put a stop the the wholesale destruction of the environment of the coast and the bay. And the San Francisco Save the Bay movement helped to initiate similar Save the Bay efforts around the country.  To support this movement Harvey Richards made Warning! Warning! to help build public support for the Save the Bay movement.

Warning! Warning! focuses on threats to San Francisco Bay ecological conditions caused by the dumping of municipal, farming and industrial pollution of its tributary rivers and into the Bay itself.

Topics: ecology, environmental degradation, conservation, 1960s.

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