Women and Children in Tashkent, 1961

Photos from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1961 In 1961, Harvey and Alice Richards took their camera equipment and Harvey’s teenage son, Paul Richards, to the Soviet Union to make a film, A Visit to the Soviet Union, about Soviet women and children. … Continue reading

Peace and the HUAC Anti-Communist Crusade

Hiroshima Day March, HUAC Protests, Vietnam War Escalation After HUAC’s debacle in San Francisco when its 1960 hearings ended with fire hoses washing demonstrators down the steps of city hall, HUAC moved its witch hunt to Los Angeles where the anti-communists crusaders … Continue reading

Archive Licensing History, 1987-2013

Converse Basin, California, October, 1960

Licencing History and Media Archive Outreach (Link to License History List) Harvey Richards’ active career as a photographer ended in the late 1970’s. Even before he stopped shooting film, demands arose from other film makers and media producers who wanted to include … Continue reading

Women for Peace Picket Nuclear Tests, July 1962

Harvey Richards photographed the July, 1962 Women for Peace picket at the nuclear bomb testing site in Nevada.   Alice Richards, Harvey’s wife, helped found the organization and with Harvey and Frances Herring made a film about it called Women … Continue reading