Sochi, Resort for the People, 1961

Harvey Richards Sochi Photos in a Short Video with Music

Sochi 1961, Resort for the People from Paul Richards on Vimeo.

Sochi, USSR, 1961.  Photo by Harvey Richards

Sochi, USSR, 1961. Photo by Harvey Richards

In 1961, I traveled with my father, Harvey Richards, and step mother, Alice, to the Soviet Union to help them make a film about the USSR to encourage better understanding and friendship between the United States and the USSR. One of our stops was in Sochi, Resort for the People, on the Black Sea, where Harvey filmed and photographed the town and the people.  A photo gallery and two films are available on the Harvey Richards Media Archive about Sochi and our other stops during that summer. This video is a compilation of some of the still photos accompanied by the song “Near Black Sea” downloaded from web site.  Together they offer a relaxing tour of a marvelous moment of time when working people could visit a resort for the people.  With the anti-Soviet propaganda machine dusted off and turned into the anti-Russia machine for the winter Olympics, this little video might be a welcome antidote for the poisoned atmosphere created by the mainstream media, which my father would have appreciated.

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