1971, 1972 San Francisco Peace Marches to End the Vietnam War

Peace Marches, Veterans Day & Picketing Travis Air Force Base

October 22, 1972, San Francsico Veterans Day Parade

October 22, 1972, San Francsico Veterans Day Parade

After making No Greater Cause in 1968, Harvey Richards continued to shoot motion picture footage and still photos of peace marches against the Vietnam war in San Francisco. Four photo galleries below present his photography of four peace events during the 1970’s.

Estuary Press combined the raw footage of the 1970 and 1971 peace marches with the voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. from his “Beyond Vietnam” speech of 1967 in Faces of Vietnam Protest, which is available with “No Greater Cause” on one DVD.  This footage and his photos shown in this post reveal the numbers, the faces, the picket signs, and the spirit of rebellion that grew towards the end of that hated war.  They also show active duty GI’s leafleting at the entrance to Travis Air Force Base and the march of Veterans Against the War down Market Street on Veterans Day, 1972.

Buy or license these photos. All images are copyrighted © Paul Richards 2001-2013.

1) Peace March of Spring, 1971 Down Geary Street.

2)  GI’s Picket Travis Air Force Base, August, 1972

3) March to end the Vietnam War in San Francisco, October 14, 1972.


 And 4) the October 22, 1972 Veterans Day Parade of Vietnam Veterans for Peace.

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